Discover What Local Hamburger Restaurant

The hamburger has been a mainstay of American – and global – cuisine for longer than anybody can recall. Indeed, the Salisbury steak, a variation on the hamburger, has been there since at least 1897, giving you a sense of how long the basic concept has been around. The fact that there are so many recipes that use hamburger meat or hamburgers shows how versatile this popular item is, and the number of ways to cook hamburger is growing all the time.

Thanks to a man named Charles Nasreen, Wisconsin claims to be “The Home Of The Hamburger.” He is reported to have started selling meatballs in 1885, but because they were difficult to handle, he flattened them and put them between slices of bread.Another theory, dating from 1885, states that Frank and Charles Munches of Ohio invented the hamburger. They started out selling sausage patty sandwiches at fairs, but when they ran out of pig at one in Hamburg, New York, they switched to ground beef and named the dish after the town.

Finally, the majority of Texans believe that Fletch ‘Old Dave’ Davis deserves credit for inventing the hamburger. He simply wanted to try something different, so he grilled a raw hamburger steak and served it with onion between two thick slices of toasted bread. He began serving the dish, and it quickly became a popular, prompting him to put up a booth at the St Louis World Fair Louisiana Purchase Exhibition.

After starting selling fried potato strips with his hamburgers, Fletch Davis is credited with the origin of French Fries. It’s reported that they’re named French fries because, in an interview with a reporter, he claimed that he got the idea for the dish from a buddy in Paris. The reporter mistook Fletch Davis’ reference to a buddy in Paris, Texas for Paris, France, and they became known as French Fries.